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Digital Landscape

India is one of the fastest growing advertising markets globally with an estimated growth of 15.5 per cent in 2016, driven by a large consumer base and a growing e-commerce industry. Digital is one of the fastest growing mediums at an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.5 per cent (2015-2020).

Fast changing technology landscape and continuous evolving consumer behaviour provide a challenge as well and an opportunity to companies to tap into the consumers at costs significantly lower than traditional medium. The new media is all about share of voice, return on mindshare, consumer relevancy and engagement. In this Digital Age, if you aren’t present in the minds of the consumer on the web, you are missing out on a big opportunity to scale your business.

What We Do
Laying down your digital strategy is critical before you plunge into action. There are a bulk of engagement tools available that you need to choose from. We support you in defining the digital strategy that will work for your product, target audience and your marketing budget. Our belief is that well-crafted authentic stories are key to forming your brand perception and drive value. It is this powerful storytelling that forms the base for content writing, communications strategy, social media, outreach, branding, blogging, community management and more.
Our Services
Resting on the base of a strong Digital Strategy and Storytelling are our services that are personalized for your business needs. Our services include:
* Website development
* Content Writing
* Managing your Digital Roadmap Implementation
* Content Marketing
* Social Media Optimization (SMO)
* Community Management
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Paid Online Marketing (SEM/PPC)
* Google Analytics support
What have we done
We are a social media optimisation company with a team of energetic and enthusiastic mushrooms providing you personalized digital marketing services and search engine marketing services.

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