I was discussing with a small business owner. The business owner was a second generation business man, stepping into his father’s shoes of running a manufacturing factory that produced leather shoes. He wanted to know how digital strategy could help him. They were already selling online in a limited way and also supplying to retail showrooms but mostly manufacturing for larger brands.

I asked him what his vision was for the business, where did he want to take his business in next 5 to 10 years. The digital strategy should support that vision. While many of the actions one can take for digital marketing can be short term, it’s important to keep a long term view that aligns with the business strategy. For example, I asked him if he saw himself as being another Bata or Liberty in next 5-10 years, or is he primarily looking at increasing his online sales in the coming few months.

The digital strategy can be quite different based on what the business vision and goals are. Don’t forget to ponder over this and discuss the business goals with the digital strategist.

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