While cold calling has been an effective sales channel, I consider Warm calling more effective for B2B prospecting. You can turn your cold calling into a more efficient warm calling in if you precede this with an effective introductory email for your B2B prospecting.

Effective emails for B2B prospecting

Prepare Background Information

Sending email for B2B prospecting is very different from running an email campaign for say B2C where you are less likely to know your prospect. It is important that you take some time to prepare with relevant information about who you are writing to before you start writing the email. You need to know who you are writing to. You may have met them in a conference or may have come across their name on the company website, of even have been introduced to them by someone. Try to gather information about the person you are writing to. You could check their LinkedIn profile and see what they are posting or commenting about, see if they blog and what do they write about, or review the company page to see their profile


Identify Reason to Reach Out to Them

Next identify a reason why you are reaching out to them. Identify how you might be connected and use a mutual connect to establish credibility. Use a trigger event that can influence your email introduction, for example their recent talk at a conference, or a blog post they have written. And leverage background info if they connected with you then what was the driving factor for them.


Write a Subject Line to get a Response

The goal of the first email is not to close a business deal but to get a response. Use the background information as context to write the subject line and the email body. If you met them at a conference, remind them about that, if someone introduced you use that. Use words about the recent trigger event that you might have identified in your reason to reach out to them.


Opening Lines

Your opening lines and opening paragraph should be about them and not you. For example, do not start by introducing yourself. Instead talk about them. For example, refer to the trigger event, or congratulate them for a new position, or talk about the challenge they might be facing based on your research.


Body Copy

This is where you talk about yourself and your company. Your body copy should relay your value by connecting you to your prospect. Try asking a question that aligns your research with your prospect’s goals before detailing your solution. It’s important to customize the body copy to include relevant info for the person you are contacting. For example, you might be working in many industries but it is important to provide relevant solutions that you have implemented in the industry of your prospect.


Call To Action

As I mentioned above, the objective of the first email is to get a response. Close the email with a clear Call To Action say for seeking a meeting or a phone call to discuss the value proposition. Instead of leaving it open ended, make suggestions for date/time for the meeting or phone call with a few options to the prospect. In case you are visiting their city, or there’s an upcoming conference coming up that both of you might be attending, use that as a trigger to seek a meeting.



Don’t forget to have a professional email signature that includes all relevant contact information about you and your company. The email signature should be simple and yet complete. Don’t make it a billboard of your company advertisement but ensure it is complete enough to tell your prospect who you are and your contact info.



To summarize, here are 6 steps for effective emails for B2B prospecting.

  1. Prepare background info about who you are writing to. Identify reasons to write to them, connect with their needs/area of interest.
  2. Write a clear subject line that’s relevant to them.
  3. Your opening line should be about your prospect and not be about you.
  4. Keep your body copy succinct, tailored to their needs.
  5. End with a clear Call To Action. Give suggestions for dates and times when you want to meet or call.
  6. Have a consistent email signature with your contact info and branding details.


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